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Trina Smith

Trina Smith was born and raised in Hancock, Wisconsin. She attended Tri-County Area Schools enjoying cheerleading, track, cross country, and band. She graduated in 2004 as an honor roll student.After high school she attended University of Wisconsin Green Bay for one year majoring in Business before she transferred to University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Business Entrepreneurship in 2011. While attending UWSP she took a year off to obtain a License in Cosmetology at Mid-State Technical College in 2008.After completing Cosmetology School she worked through the remainder of college doing Cosmetology and Eye Lash Extensions.In 2011 she completed her hours and rented a chair continuing to do hair, nails, and eyelash extensions.In 2017 she stepped away from hair and continued to do Eyelash Extensions with a full book of clients.She enjoys spending time with her Husband, Son, and Dogs. Together they enjoy making maple syrup in the spring, skiing, running, and being outside.Trina’s Eyelash Extension career includes the following awards and certifications:

  • Sugarlash The Ultimate Fan
  • NovaLash Classic Certification
  • NovaLash Advanced Certification, 2013
  • NovaLash Trainer Certification
  • NovaLash Volume Certification
  • NovaLash Fan’s Choice Award
  • Brand Ambassador 2017
  • Brand Ambassador 2016
  • Brand Ambassador 2015

She has worked many trade shows doing sales and demonstrating Eye Lash Extensions including:

  • 2017 International Beauty Show- New York City
  • 2015, 2016 International Beauty Show- Las Vegas
  • 2016 America Beauty Show- Chicago
  • 2016 Media Event- New York City
  • 2016 School Owners Event- Orlando

She has contributed to many Professional Magazines and Magazines including:

  • Eyelash Magazine
  • Modern Salon
  • Launch Pad
  • Prevention

Price List

Any appointment after 5 weeks requires a full set appointment.



Can lash extensions harm my natural lashes?

No, properly applied lash extensions will not harm natural lashes. They grow, rest, and shed with your natural lashes. When your natural lashes shed they will simply fall out with them.

How long do eye lash extensions last?

Lash extensions can be worn indefinitely but require monthly fills.

Can I get lash extensions if I wear contacts?

Yes! Eyelash extensions are not adhered to your eyelid so the extensions will not interfere with your contacts.

Can I wear mascara?

Use of mascara is generally not needed when wearing lash extensions, but can be used to coat any extension-free lashes that may appear when a fill is needed. Avoid waterproof mascara and be sure it is carbonate and glycol free. As those ingredients will dissolve the lash bond.

How soon can I get my lash extensions wet?

Right away! The adhesive is waterproof so you can swim or shower right away. NovaLash Lash Extensions are waterproof, sweat proof and oil proof. 

What can I expect at my first lash appointment?

The first full set is a 2 hour appointment. It is painless and most people relax and enjoy conversation. .

What is the difference between a full set and a fill?

The full set is the first appointment. Typically takes about 2 hours. During this time every lash will be bonded. A fill appointment is after your full set it is the maintenance required to keep the lashes lush. Fills are typically 1 hour and stray lashes or loose lashes will be removed and extensions will be applied to new lashes or any lashes that are without extensions.

Can lash extensions be applied to the bottom lashes?

Bottom lashes are available for an additional fee. They are great for special events. They must be done using a sensitive adhesive and therefore don't last as long as the top lashes.

What eye makeup remover can I use?

Typically a remover that does not include glycol or carbonate can be used. NovaLash Clean Lash pads are useful to help clean and condition your lashes. 


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